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Healthy Eating Plan

At iHealth Meals we’re all about food that’s not only good for you, but also tastes great. With numerous catering companies out there, only a  few can offer the same health concious service that Ihealth catering provides.

Today’s watchword is nutrition and we’re constantly bombarded by messaging to “eat right”, not everyone knows how to do that, or indeed has the time to make healthy food a daily habit.


iHealth catering services takes that responsibility away and instead opens the door to a healthier, happier you.
Why should you be eating iHealth Meals? That’s simple: we will tailor a meal plan to your personal needs, whether that is for catering services or to lose weight, build muscle, maintain your weight, or you simply want to feel fabulous and energised. iHealth Meals also offers meal plans to address medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiac disease that necessitates a low-cholesterol diet.

In a nutshell, iHealth Meals  means no meal planning, no shopping, no cooking and no dishes!

Being one of the healthiest catering companies in Cape Town , our catering menu offers a wide range of Healthy meal choices as well as the “Naughty Meals” choice.

iHealth Meals delivers and provides Catering services in Cape Town and surroundings and will be launching in Johannesburg soon!

Aside from helping you to look and feel your best, iHealth Meals also offer assistance and advice with:

  • Safe and effective weight loss – and keeping it off;
  • Fitness and training tips;
  • Lifestyle, nutrition and health information for you and your family;
  • Lifestyle-related psychological information;
  • Management of chronic diseases; and
  • Planning to reduce the risk of contracting lifestyle-related diseases.

Let’s face it; urban lifestyles are simply not conducive to healthy living. We spend our days in front of computers and in our cars, and at night we loll in front of the television. Many people spend time at the gym or attempt some other form of exercise, but the fact is that staying healthy in modern society is very difficult. It is even more difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy eating regimen when

catering companymost people eat at least one meal of the day on the fly and the convenience of junk food is a powerful lure.

Our catering company has the perfect solution to nutrition in the concrete jungle. We have teamed up with dieticians, personal trainers, psychologists and women’s health experts to become a one-stop total health shop which offers lifestyle advice that will help you make the right decision about what meal plan best suits you.

Our executive chef also consults with the healthcare professions on an ongoing basis to ensure that the meal plan menus contain the right balance of food groups, the correct number of calories, are within the stipulated nutritional guidelines and that they take cognizance of new health studies and trends.
Some 1 000 recipes make up the weekly-rotating menus on all the meal plans, so while you’re eating only the best and most delicious food, you’ll never get bored with iHealth Meals.

Not yet convinced?read more about one our healthy